Growing feet in safe hands

There's no denying it. Your little humans adore you! You're their entire world. But life is busy, and parenting can be exhausting, so the least we can do is take care of their precious little feet.

Buying your little one's first pair of shoes is a big milestone for you and them. It's the moment you realise that your baby is no longer a baby; they're a toddler! It's huge, so no wonder so many parents capture the moment on camera or tuck first shoes away as a special keepsake to cherish.

From their first nursery to their first pair of shoes, we know how worrying it can be making the right choice for your little one. That's why our experts have spent almost 200 years perfecting a First Shoes collection designed to nurture every stage of your child's foot development. We continue this legacy of expertise by working closely with experts at the University of Salford, studying children's biomechanics and how footwear impacts walking. This research is embedded into our design processes to ensure we're doing everything we can to support the natural development of kids' feet.

From the softest materials to the lightest soles, our shoes provide only the necessary support growing feet need to move healthily and happily through life's big adventure.

To bring this journey to life, we're joining up with real families on their First Shoes experience. Check out their stories below!


Seeing your little one crawl for the first time is a special milestone. However, some babies don't crawl at all. Instead, they shuffle along on their bottom, wiggle sideways like a crab, or slide on their tummy. For this stage, we have lightweight shoes designed for barefoot freedom with thin flexible soles that allow little feet to feel the ground for stability.

Click the video above to meet our little crawler.


Once your baby is able to stand, they'll start to pull themselves up onto their feet supported by furniture, holding your hand or - if they're best buds - the dog! This stage is called cruising. Our lightweight, flexible shoes will enable the natural progression of their feet towards taking their first big steps unaided.

Click the video above to meet our cruiser.


When your baby starts to walk, they can begin anywhere between 9-18 months. And, when they do, be prepared to chase the little rascals everywhere. First steps are often all stiff legs and arms sticking out in front. Our walking shoes will enable a natural walking motion providing unbeatable comfort every step of the way.

Click the video above to meet our little walker.