How to Support Your Baby When Crawling

The crawling stage is super hectic but lots of fun! It seems like one minute, you have a sweet little baby in your arms, and the next, they’re whizzing around everywhere. But like every development stage, as a caring parent you probably have hundreds of questions about crawling, such as: “what is the typical crawling age?” and “what shoes should a crawling baby wear?”

If this sounds like you then continue reading, as our handy guide below will inform you about all-things crawling. Ready, set, go!

At what age do babies usually start crawling?

While most babies will begin to crawl between seven and 10 months, every baby is perfectly unique, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. So when it comes to learning how to crawl, don’t worry if your little one doesn’t seem interested yet.

Some babies like to take their time—and with that being said, several babies even skip the crawling stage completely and go straight into walking! It won’t be long before they’re zipping around the house with surprising speed, and from that moment onwards, you’ll need eyes in the back of your head!

Signs your baby is ready to crawl

As your little one grows, you’ll probably notice some signs that they’re on their way to becoming more mobile. That cute little bum shuffle that babies do is one of the most obvious signs that they’re ready to crawl, as well as the commando-style tummy crawl that’s equally as adorable.

If you’ve noticed your little one getting themselves onto their hands and knees and lunging forwards, then you can bet that they’ll be crawling within the next week or two.

How to help your baby crawl

Babies have an innate desire to move around, so instead of trying to encourage your baby, all they really need is the opportunity. Tummy time is perfect for helping your little one crawl, as it strengthens the muscles that are used for crawling, as well as increasing confidence.

As a fun incentive, try putting your baby’s favourite toy on the ground during tummy time. Since babies love looking in mirrors, a mirror or reflective surface should also do the trick. If all else fails, get on the floor and crawl with your baby. Babies often learn by observing and mimicking, so it helps to show them exactly what crawling looks like.

How do babies learn to crawl?

Since babies are fabulously unique little humans, you can expect their styles of crawling to vary. As well as the classic crawl, which involves one arm and leg moving simultaneously, some of our favourites include the bum scoot, the crab crawl, where one knee is bent and the other is extended, the roll, the commando tummy crawl, and the backward crawl.

No matter which crawling style your child engages in, it’s worth remembering that each crawling baby is different, and so long as their own method works for them, there is no right or wrong way to do it.

What should a crawling baby wear?

While there’s no definitive outfit per se, crawling babies will benefit from being as comfortable as possible. Loose, soft clothing is best, and you might want to dress your little one in baggy trousers to ensure they don’t get any nasty carpet burns! Clothes with drawstrings are also best avoided so that your little one doesn’t become tangled while on their crawling adventure.

To protect little knees, try laying down a blanket over hard surfaces, or take a look at products specially designed to keep babies protected, like leg warmers, knee pads or trousers with protective inserts.

Best shoes for a crawling baby

While some people opt to keep their little crawler’s feet bare, pre-walking shoes and baby crawler shoes are perfect for protecting tiny toes as your baby starts to explore their surroundings. Little feet are delicate and can easily get hurt from rough surfaces and sharp objects they may encounter while crawling. Find out more about why pre walking shoes are so important.

Our baby crawling shoes come in a range of styles and colours, from cute patent sandals to comfortable leather trainers, so there’s something for every outfit. Made with comfort and safety in mind, our crawling shoes are not only stylish, but practical too.

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