Things to Consider When Choosing Shoes for Kids: Rip-tape, Laces or Buckle?

Your child’s feet will be growing and developing until they’re in their late teens, which means that their shoe requirements will be everchanging. One thing that will never change though is the need for good quality footwear that will ensure your child’s feet develop properly. That’s why it’s so important to know what to look out for when choosing shoes for kids.

First things first, it’s important to look for shoes that provide support and comfort. Ideally, they should also be adjustable in order to ensure that the fit is secure. The shape of the shoe is particularly important and pointy shoes should be avoided as they can restrict movement at the toes. The best shoes for kids are those with flexible soles that will bend with your child’s foot.

Another important element to consider when choosing shoes for kids is the fastening. Certain fastenings are better for younger children, while others are better when you want a more secure fit that won’t come loose. Read on to find out more about the different types of shoe closures and the benefits of each.


Rip-tape is a great option for young children. The rip-tape closure make it easy for you to put your child’s shoes on, and it’s also the simplest fastening for a child to master when the time comes for them to become more independent, such as when they start primary school and need to be able to take their shoes on and off by themselves for PE. That said, rip-tape is a good option for children of all ages as it makes it easier to adjust the fit of the shoe, and ensures the shoes close snugly around the feet. At Clarks, our rip-tape shoes come in a wide range of designs for boys and girls.


Lace-up shoes have more adjustment possibilities and can be adjusted more closely to the shape of your child’s foot. They’re a good option for toddlers who have learnt the workings of rip-tape and now take their own shoes off at every inconvenient opportunity, and when your children are old enough you can enjoy the challenge of helping them to learn to tie their laces. kids’ lace-up boots and shoes come in a range of styles, including fixed-lace fastening options for easier on and off.


Buckle fastenings offer a secure fit and are a good alternative to rip-tape on children’s shoes and sandals when you don’t want your child to be able to take their own shoes off too easily. Like laces, buckles are another fun challenge for your child to master once they’re old enough. Aesthetically, buckles are also an attractive addition to many kids’ shoes and sandals.


Clasp fastenings are often found on toddler shoes as they provide an easier on and off than a buckle fastening, so if your child has limbs that are hard to keep still, this could be a good option for you. Clasps also provide a secure fit.

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