The Roblox Cicaverse is here. Let's do this!

The Roblox Cicaverse is here. Let's do this!

Step inside the Clarks Stadium and get set for the sports tournament of a lifetime! It's time to take on your friends and see who can grab the highest scores - from showing off your slickest BMX tricks and breakdance skills to racing to the Parkour finish line. Stop by the Clarks store to power up your kicks and give your gameplay the ultimate boost, as well as make your avatar stand out from the crowd with the coolest customisations. Learn from the pros and take real-life athletes with you on your unique journey.

Meet the athletes

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Robbie Griffiths

Age: 21

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Sport: Parkour

Fun fact: From acrobat to Parkour champ, Robbie's now adding tainee stuntman to his ever-growing list of awesome talents.

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B-Girl Terra

Age: 15

Location: Wolverhampton, England

Sport: Breakdancing

Fun fact: Smashing competitions since age 5, B-Girl Terra knows her way around a breakdance battle. Her next challenge? The 2024 Paris Olympics!

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Connor Stitt

Age: 11

Location: Utah, USA

Sport: BMX

Fun fact: Wheel-flipping phenomenon Connor comes from a family of adrenaline junkies - and his goal is to becomg a pro BMX rider.

Play in Style

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*Game goes live at 5pm BST