Top of the class

School boy in white shirt wearing a yellow rucksack pulling a funny face

FROM the playground to the classroom to the sports’ field, kids’ school shoe needs are as varied and demanding as the individuals who will be wearing them. At Clarks, we’ve been looking after children’s feet for generations so you can trust us to understand best fits, best styles and the best technologies to ensure they make it from register to home time in comfort.

"Whether you’re looking for school pumps, school boots, formal school shoes or school trainers, we have all their needs - and your needs - covered. Happy kids make for happy parents and vice versa."

Laughing school girl in white shirt and grey pinafore dress
Below the knee shot of school girl wearing black leather pumps with an ankle strap and grey socks
Back shot of school boy wearing a yellow patterned backpack over his shoulder
Below the knee shot of a school boy in shorts wearing black lace up school shoes

To ensure there is always enough choice, Clarks' staff talk to schools to understand current uniform needs and make sure we’re providing the best school shoes for every child. With a wide and varied collection, ranging from black school shoes and navy school shoes to T-bar school shoes and school wellies, for both boys and girls, our shoes not only look good but do their jobs - which is looking after kids’ feet all day long.

"We test our kids’ school shoes on real kids and put them through rigorous tests - including flexing soles 40,0000 times - to ensure they are robust and resilient to ensure we can provide kids with unrivalled comfort in movement, day after day."

School boy wearing navy jacket and grey sweatshirt with his hands on his head