Measure Kids' Feet at Home

Select the preferred method to measure your child's feet:

Step 1: Buy a Clarks foot gauge

Our foot measuring gauges come in two sizes depending on the age of your child and the size of their feet. To buy a foot measuring gauge, select the size you need.

Step 2: Measure at home

We've created easy to follow guides to help you measure at home with ease. Click play for our video guides or click the button for written instructions.

Toddler Video

Download Toddler Guide

Junior Video

Download Junior Guide

Step 3: Calculate your child's shoe size

Once you have measured your child’s feet using your Clarks foot gauge, type their measurements into our calculator to retrieve their shoe size. You can then order their new Clarks shoes online.

Enter your measurements:

After using the Clarks foot gauge, type in the measurements below exactly as you see them on the gauge. If you found a slight difference between feet, enter the largest length and width measurements.

Step 4: Check the fit

Once you receive your child's shoes, it's important to check they fit correctly. Our easy step by step guide will help you do this in no time at all, allowing your child to jump straight into their next everyday adventure in unbeatable comfort.

Check the Fit
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