Autumn/Winter GORE-TEX® Collection for Men

Featuring waterproof technology that prevents water getting in while allowing perspiration out, helping to keep feet cool, comfortable and bone dry.

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Tri Path Hi GORE-TEX

Perfect for the outdoors as well as the city streets, Tri Path Hi GORE-TEX delivers on style and performance with a waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® membrane to keep feet dry. Trigenic soles set feet free to move naturally, and premium leathers wrap feet in comfort.

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Ashcombe Hi GORE-TEX

For an active outdoor ankle boot, look no further. The Ashcombe Hi GORE-TEX features a waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® upper in warmlined brown leather, finished with durable woven lacing, supportive padded collar and a heel loop for easy pull-on.

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What is GORE-TEX?

GORE-TEX® technology is unique and renowned all over the world, but what is it exactly?

Outer material | GORE-TEX® membrane | Inner lining

Our GORE-TEX® products are layered with a GORE-TEX® membrane that protects you.

Pores in the membrane allow water vapour from your sweat to pass through, but they’re small enough to prevent water drops from coming in.

In addition a water repellent coating causes water to roll off instead of sinking in.

How do you care for GORE-TEX?

Mud, water and dirt lead to excess wear and tear. Follow our advise to ensure you keep your GORE-TEX shoes longer.

  • Using lukewarm water, remove dirt and mud with a cloth or brush

  • Don’t expose your GORE-TEX® shoes to direct heat. Lay them upside down with some newspaper inside

  • Don’t use products on them that contain wax, grease or silicon

  • The GORE-TEX membrane is not accessible and doesn’t need care