Raheem Sterling For Clarks Originals

Recognised around the world, Raheem Sterling has earned countless trophies and is widely acknowledged as one of the finest footballers of his generation.

He was also born in the Maverley district of Kingston, Jamaica, and its rich cultural heritage plays a hugely important role in his life.

It’s these roots that led to Raheem’s love of Clarks Originals, making the perfect partnership with our brand. Launching his first limited edition Wallabee in 2020 and becoming our Global Brand Ambassador last year, Raheem now launches an all-new co-designed take on our iconic Desert Trek Hi – reimagined with unique features that celebrate the spirit of Jamaica.

Raheem Sterling looking into the camera

“I had to come up with something fresh. Something original. Something that can flex with any look. My journey, in a single step.” Raheem Sterling

Close up of the Clarks Originals fob on the olive Trek Hi
Raheem Sterling stood wearing the olive Trek Hi

A cornerstone of Clarks Originals and Jamaican culture, the Desert Trek launched in the 70s to instant success. And with its distinctive central seam and rounded shape, its crafted cool endures today, as we mark the Desert Trek’s momentous 50th birthday last year. Raheem’s edition pays homage to the special connection between this legendary style and the island he loves – where Desert Treks instantly earned the nickname ‘Bank Robbers’ for the satchel-toting figure emblazoned on the shoe.

Joining forces with Raheem’s clothing brand SIXTEEN NINETY TWO, limited edition design details emblazon this exclusive Desert Trek Hi silhouette. ‘1692’ – the year modern Kingston was founded and nodding to his label of the same name – is embossed on the heel, and Jamaica’s national motto “Out of Many – One People” is foil-printed inside the tongue, honouring the country’s vibrant character 
and rich history.

Raheem Sterling sat wearing the olive Trek Hi
Close up of the olive Trek Hi