In My Shoes With Ellie Collister

Empowering women to find balance, confidence and fulfilment lies at the heart of self-development and marketing coach Ellie Collister’s business. Drawing on her own experiences as a first-time mum and on her learnings from a decade working in PR, Ellie decided to take the plunge and forge a new career. Now, through tailored coaching packages and wellbeing workshops, she supports women juggling work, life and parenting, helping them enjoy a holistic, healthy and happy approach to 21st century living.

For our latest In My Shoes feature we spoke to Ellie about the challenges and rewards of motherhood in the modern era, and how her sense of self and style has changed through the years. Intrigued? Read on to discover more about the moments and passions that have shaped Ellie’s journey.

Tell us about yourself, your background?

Most importantly, I’m a mother to my 3-year-old boy Mylo. Secondly, I’m a self-development coach for mums.

My professional background is in Marketing & PR. When I became a mother, I experienced changes - mentally and physically - which led me to explore a different career path. I completed an online course in Integrative Holistic Health & Wellbeing and have since gone on to develop coaching programmes to help mums thrive.

Using a blend of my studies, professional skills, training and lived experience, I guide women through practices that support personal growth. I spent 3 years living in India, so my teachings have a mix of eastern and western philosophy.

What prompted you to start your business?

It’s truly an exploration of what it means to be a mother in the 21st century. The way we view and respect mothers is shifting; as women gain more equality and independence, the role of being a mother has changed. We have a purpose and passions, and we’re acknowledging the distinction within ourselves, between being a woman and a mother.

A lot of women fear the changes they go through when they transition into motherhood, like the identity shifts, the physical changes and how they’ll cope with that. I believe it's about empowering a woman with the knowledge and guidance to navigate that time in her life and beyond.

My business is a community of women who have made a conscious decision: to learn more about ourselves, to take action, to raise our confidence and to connect with others. We’re motivated to achieve.

What has been your biggest learning as a first-time parent?

You can’t do it all yourself but that doesn't mean I can’t parent and run a business! I started to activate my feminine energy and the art of receiving, which was honestly a game-changer. I needed support systems in place, to know my own limits, protect my energy and accept help.

You look super stylish on your Instagram, what’s your secret?

For me style is a form of self-expression, it's rooted in the way I feel about myself and who I am. If I feel good in my outfit, I’ll have a good day. I worked in luxury fashion for 10 years, so I’m enthralled by good design and style.

How has your style evolved?

As I’ve evolved through the seasons of my life, my style has adapted with it. I’ve gone through ALL the trends: androgynous, glamorous, boho, grunge. These days you’ll mostly find me in jeans, a tank top and kicks but I love to glam it up, put something sassy on and feel sexy.

You’ve travelled a lot - how has this experience shaped you?

It opens your mind and humbles you as a person. You experience other cultures and traditions and different ways of life. Travelling gives me perspective, stimulation and curiosity in life. My travel bucket list is endless!

When it comes to Mylo, how do you balance style, support and comfort, particularly in footwear?

There is a narrative that we’re either girly or tomboy, but truly I’m both. White clothes aren’t possible with a toddler! Heels are for the weekends; for every day, it’s chunky boots or trainers for me.

A piece of advice?

“Words make worlds” - this is one of my favourite quotes of all time. I have somewhat of a love affair with the English language! For most of us, talking is an auto-pilot act, so becoming aware of how we talk to ourselves, and other people is a big step in cultivating inner kindness.

“For me style is a form of self-expression, it's rooted in the way I feel about myself and who I am. If I feel good in my outfit, I’ll have a good day.”