In My Shoes With Gulin Cetin

Dreamy dresses, sun-drenched landscapes – one glimpse at Gulin Cetin’s Instagram account @coffeecupsandroses and we’re feeling some serious summer outfit inspiration (and maybe just a touch of vacation envy…)

Tell us about yourself? What makes you tick?

My name is Gulin and I am a fashion & lifestyle content creator. I am originally from Turkey but I moved to the US 8 years ago to do my PhD and have been living the dream ever since! So I definitely have a nerdy side and I enjoy reading, writing and going to museums. I absolutely love creating, playing dress up for different concepts, and storytelling!

How has your dress sense evolved? What has (or hasn’t) influenced it.

My sense of style has overgone a drastic change, actually. Before moving to the US and starting out with my blog, I was drawn to neutral colours and my wardrobe consisted of mostly dark colours. Now it's completely different, with lots of pastel colours like pink, peach, and baby blues! I think it's definitely been influenced by the trends on social media and my favourite influencers such as @tezza, @leoniehanne, and @taramilktea.

Show us your wardrobe staple, what can’t you live without?

I can't live without my hats and hair accessories!

Do you have a big splurge?

Hats are usually my biggest splurge! I splurged on a Jacquemus hat last year and wore it so many times! I think they complement an outfit so well. The only challenge of having too many hats is to find an effective way to store them!

What does ‘style’ mean to you?

In my opinion, style is an ever changing and evolving notion. So, even if I cannot define or pinpoint my style as "one thing", I can say that for me it is more of an eclectic concept that feeds from various different things like where you live, what you do and your friends and environment. My style is totally different from what it used to be while I was living in Turkey. That being said, my style is also influenced by some of the current trends but I always find a way to tweak them and make it mine. I believe that tweaking and adapting the current trends to your liking is the catch.

“I do not have a fashion icon, but I love playing with styles and moods according to the occasion and creating an eclectic style mixing up vintage and modern”