In conversation withKeeley Hawes

Inspired by silver screen style icons the Hepburns, it’s no wonder we love Keeley Hawes’ signature understated elegance - and it’s made a perfect partnership with Clarks’ fierce authenticity for two seasons now.

Best known for her iconic roles in Bodyguard, Line of Duty, It’s a Sin, The Durrells, Rebecca, and, most recently, To Olivia, we couldn’t wait for Keeley to return to Clarks for a third time and share her favourite picks for her AW21 wardrobe.

We sat down with Keeley for a chat about what she’s looking forward to as we step into autumn, her long-time love of Clarks comfort, and the secrets to her chic style.

Hi, Keeley! We’re so excited to see your new season style. What would you say style means to you?

For me, style is wearing what I like and what I feel nice in. It’s taken me a long time to really get a sense of my own style, and to feel confident. Getting to my age, it’s refreshing to actually wear what makes me feel good, rather than worrying too much about being ‘seen’ as stylish. I think when people feel relaxed and happy in their clothes, they look their best anyway - whether they’re wearing the latest thing or not.

And how would you describe your own style? Is there anyone you look to for inspiration?

I really like what I’d describe as a masculine look. I love a well-cut suit. It’s something that if you invest in, it’s classic. You can wear it for years, and it makes you feel good and strong. Katherine and Audrey Hepburn are a great source of inspiration for me. They might be obvious, but they’re obvious for a reason - they’re just timeless.

You’ve mentioned investing in classic clothing - would you say your look has changed over the years?

Well, looking back at my 20s, things definitely look a bit dated! I think my style has settled down a little. I’ve learnt that classic looks have a more timeless quality, and now I focus on choosing pieces that stand the test of time. That said, I’ve always enjoyed having fun with fashion, and still do. As a teenager, I loved my purple dungarees - they looked good with my purple Wallabees!

You’ve worn Clarks for a long time then! What is it about Clarks you love the most?

Clarks has forever been, and will continue to be, the go-to for me and my family. My kids want to be stylish, and I want them to be comfortable, and I know we can all have both with Clarks. The shoes are an investment that I just wear time and again. They’re enduring, comfy and stylish.

Speaking of comfort - how does it play a part in your life?

To me, in life and in clothes, comfort is all about feeling happy in yourself - that’s when you’re most comfortable and at ease. I think prioritising mental health and wellbeing is so important, especially given the year we’ve just had - and a healthy mind will inevitably come through in your attitude and how you look. When it comes to keeping comfy day to day, then I always start with my shoes. We all know that feeling when you’re struggling with tricky heels! If your feet feel great, then you hold yourself confidently and walk tall - and for me, that’s the best look you can wear.

What is it you’re most looking forward to about the autumn/winter season ahead?

I just love autumn and winter clothes. I love getting cosy in big coats and boots – last winter I spent loads of time in my Orinoco boots, and I’m looking forward to updating them in a new colour for this season. You don’t have to break them in - they’re comfortable from day one – so they’ll be perfect for getting out and about and enjoying more of the freedoms that we all missed so much last autumn/winter. I can’t wait to see my friends and family, and to be able to hug everyone, too - who knew we were a nation of huggers?

“Gosh, it’s huge isn't it, to be free. To be out, seeing friends and family again. To be able to hug. Who knew that we were a country of huggers?”